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Our mission is to develop the next generation of diverse leaders


We do.

We develop the next generation of leaders from diverse backgrounds aged 7-19…..



We are doing it.

…by partnering with existing professional diverse leaders to teach and deliver leadership and employability programmes created in partnership with teachers…



We are so passionate.

…because no child should be made to feel like they don’t belong because of their ethnicity, gender or socio-economic status, but that is exactly what happens when young people fail to see people who look like them in positions of leadership and in various sectors.



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Our Diverse Leaders Network

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Meet some of our student leaders, trained and ready to lead

“One of the most dangerous and irresponsible myths about leadership is that it is the province of just a handful of people, a magic ability reserved for unique individuals. Leadership can be understood, learned and practiced by all." - Kouzes and Posner.

And we totally agree


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"We are very pleased with Diverse Leaders Network. It's been a great opportunity for our students to learn leadership skills and apply them in their lives. Leadership Education should be part of the curriculum. It is as important as Science, Maths, and English."

Headteacher, Townley Grammar School

"More than 40 BBC staff members shared their professional skills and experience with nearly 90 sixth-form students. In the process, the BBC staff gained valuable insights into the tastes, habits and social networks of the teenagers, and met the potential next generation of entrants into the creative industries."

BBC, Senior Volunteering and Community Affairs Manager

"My name is Victor, I'm a Director at the Houses of Parliament and I'm an Inspiring Leader."

Victor, Head of Project Delivery, Houses of Parliament

"Fantastic premise, brilliantly organised and exceptional impact. Could not be more impressed with the impact this has had on my students."

Head of 6th Form, St Saviour's & St Olaves School

"It has been an incredibly positive and unique way for our staff to develop their leadership skills, enhance their inclusive behaviours and gain different perspectives by working with (and learning from) young people from diverse backgrounds in our communities. After the programme, my hope is that all our mentors are more inclusive, open and empathetic leaders in their work and personal lives. Many mentors commented that they felt as if they were being mentored, not the other way around. The impact on everyone involved has been profound!"

Social Sustainability Manager, Landsec

"They left me with a lasting impression that they understand what a good charity is all about: delivering an effective service or support to people who need an extra hand or problems that deserve extra attention. I would encourage any leaders from diverse backgrounds to consider delivering a session; you’ll be surprised what you get out of it as well."

Kawika, CEO, Third Sector

"A fantastic programme that was well organised. Very beautifully managed. The students were well trained and proved everybody can be a leader if given the skills."

Parent, Pimlico Academy

"I was so inspired by the students’ leadership speeches. The strength of their messages, their confidence and conviction was a joy to see. It reaffirmed how valuable it is to support these initiatives and to nurture the talent of the future."

Director, Grosvenor

I am glad that the students found the session useful. It was indeed my please to present to such bright and engaged students! Thanks for the opportunity you afforded me to deliver the presentation as it is a goal of mine to ensure that I am giving back where/whenever I can – as I honestly believe that “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Natasha, Head of Learning and Development

"This is something I think every student needs. These leadership programmes are CORE to everything. They are the foundation of what we do and who the students become. It helps individuals to make course directions and proactive decisions, which change their lives for the better whilst they are in a stage of life which is most effective to do so."

Student Leadership Co-Ordinator, Mulberry Academy Shoreditch




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