Early Careers Engagement, Lifelong Success

We help employers build meaningful long-term relationships with young people and help schools improve their student outcomes.

Connecting diverse leaders and

employers with young people aged 7-19

About Us

Diverse Leaders Network believes in the power of starting early. Our mission is to break down barriers to success or stop the barriers occurring in the first place by increasing young people's careers awareness, leadership abilities and access to work-related opportunities.

By starting early, we strive to unlock the full academic, career and leadership potential of every young person, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic background.

Our Approach

In today's rapidly evolving world, young people, especially those from marginalised communities, are more likely to be unaware

of non-stereotypical jobs and career pathways, hold limiting beliefs that stop them from reaching their full potential, and lack

access to professional networks and opportunities. We address these barriers early to ensure that no child is left behind.

Careers Awareness

We showcase diverse leaders and employers to thousands of young people aged 7-19 through inspiring awareness videos and industry masterclasses.

Leadership Abilities

We help employers deliver high-impact early careers engagement programmes designed to develop employability and leadership skills for young people of all ages and abilities.

Work-related Access

We provide employers with access to our early careers engagement platform connecting young people aged 7-19 to work-related experiences, content and events.

Starting Early Matters

By engaging with students from an early age, we can plant the seeds of ambition,

resilience, and self-confidence that will serve them throughout their lives. Here's

why working with students early is not just beneficial but essential.


of children base their career

aspirations on people they know.


Less than 1% of children have been

informed about career options

through employer school visits.


Over one-third of 15-16-year-olds have career interests that are focused on only 10 jobs.


Stereotypes about careers,

ethnicity, gender and class begin

to form in children as young as 7.

Why Diverse Leaders Network?

For Employers

We help employers build meaningful long-term relationships with future talent to drive diversity and skills within the organisation and industry as well as supporting employers to create social value that impacts their local communities.

For Inspiring Leaders

We help leaders utilise their skills, knowledge and experience by providing individuals with meaningful opportunities to support the leadership and careers development of young people, aged 7-19 from all backgrounds.

For Schools

We help primary and secondary schools meet their careers education targets and improve student outcomes by providing young people, aged 7-19, with meaningful and age-appropriate early careers engagement opportunities and leadership development.

For Young People

Finding work-related experiences doesn’t have to be difficult. Our Job and Opportunities Board for young people aged 7-19 provides unparalleled ACCESS to pre-19 work-related experiences.


Social Sustainability Manager

"It has been an incredibly positive and unique way for our staff to develop their leadership skills, enhance their inclusive behaviours and gain different perspectives by working with (and learning from) young people from diverse backgrounds in our communities. Many mentors commented that they felt as if they were being mentored, not the other way around. The impact on everyone involved has been profound!"


"We are very pleased with Diverse Leaders Network. It's been a great opportunity for our students to learn leadership skills and apply them in their lives. Leadership Education should be part of the curriculum. It is as important as Science, Maths, and English."


“I have never taken part in something like this before and this experience will stay with me for a long time. This mentoring programme has made me feel more courageous and sure about my future, as this was something that I was struggling with and didn't have a clear idea about. I would recommend this to others.”

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