Building long-term relationships with future talent

Helping employers deliver high-impact early careers engagement programmes designed to develop employability and leadership skills for young people of all ages and abilities.

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Rethinking Early Careers Engagement

​​The pandemic and the rise of hybrid working have widened the skills gap and altered the landscape of work experiences for young people of school age. Anyone currently working in education will tell you that finding quality work experience opportunities can be difficult, leaving many school leavers underprepared for the world of work.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

In the UK young people choose their GCSE options at the age of 13, which later inform their post-16 choices and pathways. The problem is many young people make these decisions without adequate knowledge, skills and networks needed to make good choices. Some early careers engagement opportunities start from the age of 14, but many employers still wait until 18 or above.

Compounding this issue is the fact that stereotypes about gender, ethnicity, careers and class begin to form in young people as young as 7. If these stereotypes go unchallenged, they can lock those from marginalised communities into a perpetual cycle of disadvantage and untapped potential.

Founded by qualified teachers, DLN wants to ensure that no child is left behind by helping employers engage with young people as young as 7 in a safe, meaningful and age-appropriate way.

Ready to engage? Here's how it works

How It Works


You select the age group(s), demographic and preferred location and we'll tailor the programme to ensure age-appropriateness and meet your needs and social value outcomes.


We source and partner you with a local school, prepare the students for the programme(s) and complete the paperwork, so you don't have to.


DLN will support you with the delivery of the programme(s) and provide you with further engagement opportunities to develop long-term relationships with future talent.

The Programme

An immersive leadership and employability programme designed to break down the

barriers between young people from marginalised communities and employers.

The programme includes:

Brand Awareness

We will craft quality videos that engage a young audience, raising awareness of your brand to build loyalty and connection.

Industry Masterclasses and Mentoring

Our expert teachers will work with you to deliver quality masterclasses and one-to-one mentoring.

Post Programme Opportunities

You can re-engage your mentoring cohort with post-programme opportunities such as internships, job shadowing and world of work events. Read more.

Our Latest Programmes and Impact

Access Futures Mentoring Programme

For the third consecutive year, we've partnered with one of the largest real estate companies in Europe to deliver our Access Futures Mentoring Programme to 18 students aged 16-18 from Harris Academy Battersea.

  • 100% of students increased their knowledge of careers and progression routes within the property / built environment
  • 100% of students interested in applying for a Landsec internship
  • 80% reported to increase their access to professional senior leaders
  • 2 students secured further work experience opportunities
World of Work
Brighter Futures: Young Investor for a Day

For the second consecutive year, we've partnered with UK's national Innovation Agency, Innovate UK and Ultra Education to deliver Brighter Futures: Young Investor for a Day in London and Liverpool.

  • 85% of students said their knowledge of investment and entrepreneurship increased.
  • 85% of students said they would now consider a career in entrepreneurship or investment.
  • 100% of founders said young people’s involvement influenced their language, pitch, and delivery.

Whatever your budget we can assist you

Benefit One

Meaningful engagement opportunities for staff at all levels across the organisation, increasing cohesion and morale

Benefit Two

Training to help staff learn, understand and engage with the next generation, improving recruitment and retention.

Benefit Three

Strengthen community relationships by partnering you with local schools and young people, giving you access to youth insights.


Social Sustainability


"It has been an incredibly positive and unique way for our staff to develop their leadership skills, enhance their inclusive behaviours and gain different perspectives by working with (and learning from) young people from diverse backgrounds in our communities. Many mentors commented that they felt as if they were being mentored, not the other way around. The impact on everyone involved has been profound!"

Senior Community

Affairs Manager

"More than 40 BBC staff members shared their professional skills and experience with nearly 90 sixth-form students. In the process, the BBC staff gained valuable insights into the tastes, habits and social networks of the teenagers, and met the potential next generation of entrants into the creative industries."

Head of Residential


“I thoroughly enjoyed our session with Diverse Leaders Network and I have spoken about it to many of my peers over the last week and could not recommend it more highly to them. As current business leaders we have a real responsibility for generating the next generation of leaders.”

For Inspiring Leaders

We believe leadership can be understood, learned and practised by all and the sooner you start, the better you’ll become. If you are passionate about increasing diversity in your sector, then join us to improve the academic, career and leadership potential of young people, aged 7-19, from diverse backgrounds. Complete the registration form to receive more information. We look forward to welcoming you.

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